The Vision

It's about igniting the light laying dormant within every beautiful bride. Bringing to life the fire that is sparked by true love, and then flamed with the perfect look to usher the betrothed into a new chapter.

Sentiment to a family Babushka doll’s old world charm and romanticised by the love stories and fairly tails of Ballets, The Babushka Ballerina began its dream to offer a little bit of magic to its clients.

Our origins are with fashion and styling and with our clients shape, colouring and personal style in mind we offer a one of a kind experience where our Brides can truly transform.

We start with the gown, that special moment where a Brides intuition reveal the ‘one’. We make that gown shine the most beautiful earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. We then style that tousled or tamed hair with a beautiful hand crafted hair adornments and pamper those happy feet with the sweetest bridal heels. Suddenly a bride is born and it is a truly emotional and incredibly exciting moment. Magic.

Now with every one bride there are many lovely bridesmaids who also need styling. Mix-and-match dresses? Ombre colour styling? Pretty & sweet? Or Bright & Summery? Short? Long? Something to fit everyone? We love our Bridesmaids as much as our Brides and make sure that when it comes to the girls no one is left with a dowdy frock they can never wear again.

The Babushka Ballerina is an open Wardrobe filled with the most beautiful one of a kind pieces ready to make you feel yourself with a little extra sparkle for your special day.

True love... it's a big deal.
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