Saturday, March 22, 2014

Your Bridal Fitting

Styling has always been a major focus of TBB stores, as fashion trained Bridal stylists we enjoy piecing  together the perfect look for our Brides to Be. Putting trust in your stylist is important, we want to pull items that work best for what you want, though sometimes we will suggest styles that perhaps you have not considered and trying things on can help. (Though don't overdo it dress fittings can be tiring)

Some Brides come in with a defined view of what they want for their special day, others have no idea or clippings of ideas for example they may like lace or dislike strapless. 
All of this information is best provided to your stylist to help you find 'THE ONE". 

For a decisive or indecisive Bride it is important to keep an open mind, the point of a first fitting is to really work out what you DO and DON'T like on the body as what you may see in photographs can look different on your body and styles you may not have considered may look incredible. We can guarantee you that 50% of the times our Brides come in looking for something and end up with something completely different. 

Here we have our top 10 tips on how to find THE ONE

1. Research; get ideas on Pinterest and put together a mood board
2. Consider your wardrobe; What are you typically drawn to, feeling comfortable is important, some brides wear strapless often and may be drawn to this for comfort reasons.

3. Limit your fitting guests; As much as we love meeting your family and friends it can be difficult for our Brides if they are bombarded with too many opinions. Opinions are important though the most important thing is that YOU are happy and YOU feel beautiful. The right dress should feel intuitive not pressed to you by friends and family. 
4. Keep and open mind; sometimes the dress you fall in love with is not the dress in the Magazine.
5. Suitability not Quantity; Dress fitting can be overwhelming and a bit of a work out. Take it steady or you may exhaust yourself physically and mentally. Attend Bridal stores who you feel epitomise your look, not every Bridal store. 

6. Consider your venue or setting; Heavy traditional bridal gowns are not really ideal for a Summer beach wedding. Choose styles that you can feel comfortable in considering  your climate and venue.
7.  Alterations, most designer collections are made in standard sizes, alterations are often required to get that perfect fit. Alterations should be made as close to your event date as possible as many clients fluctuate in weight before the big day!

8. Shop in Advanced; Bridal dresses can take from 2-6 months production time depending on your Brand and time of year. Make sure you shop with plenty of time.
9. Stop Looking; Once you find the dress stop looking, it can create doubt. Every season there are new collections, new designers and eventually you just need to settle on one (or if your lucky 2 ).
10.  Enjoy every moment! 

Book in your fitting today

The Babushka Ballerina Brisbane City 
Wintergarden Mall
171-209 Queen St, Brisbane, 4000P 07 3172

The Babushka Ballerina Fortitude Valley 
717 Ann St

Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006

P 07 3161 9554

The Babushka Ballerina Sydney
(Opening May in Paddington)
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Caiti Wears: The Babushka Ballerina Noella Lace top, Silk satin bodice, Ruffle Tulle Skirt, Anna Campbell Raw Silk Sash, Twigs & Honey French Bandeau Bird Cage with Silk Flower.
All available at TBB

(Photographs by Rhiahn Ramke Photography)

Saturday, March 15, 2014


With two stores and a third on the way the TBB design room/office has become the hub of our company. The head office is a place of creativity but also a little chaos, so we like to keep everything organised. Clean white and black desks are decorated with minimalist decor, antique bits & bobs and Macintosh computers! Yes we are MAC girls!

DIY inspirational pin boards with pretty little tassels are the perfect place for newly developed embellishments and trims and offer a neutral focal point to our white walls. 

All of our collections are designed and developed in office, buying, research, blogging, web management and of course our addictive Pintrest are some of the daily duties, which are made better with the day to day presence of our designers Persian cats Bambi & Gigi.

 As a visual company everything has attention to detail.. sometimes beyond what is practical as you will find many of our production folders have FLOAT tassels attached or hand cut glitter love hearts. Our only excuse is that we love 'Pretty Little Things' and if life is short than why not enjoy them every day.
We have some exciting DIY projects coming soon!

Happy Sunday Ladies xx TBB

(photographs by Rhiahn Ramke Photography)

Friday, March 14, 2014


Ok so the news is out...  TBB is coming to Sydney!!

Over the past few years we have been so honoured and grateful to have had our interstate clients fly especially to our Brisbane based stores to find 'The One'. Within the past year or so we have seen more Sydney and Melbourne based Brides than ever before which has been incredibly flattering. 
It became apparent that perhaps our humble bridal businesses was ready to take on a bigger mission and provide a fresh Bridal alternative to the lovely Brides of Sydney and surrounding areas at a more convenient location.

... and so the time has come, TBB will be opening our Flagship Australia store this May/June on Oxford St, Paddington.

If you would like to book in advanced for your fittings email our team at


Brisbane Brides we have some exciting plans for you and will be making a few announcements throughout the year!! 

See you in SYDNEY! xx TBB

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