Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Babushka Ballerina Photography

In my boutique, I get to meet some of the most lovely and beautiful brides to be, bridesmaids and on the rare occasion grooms. It’s always been apparent to me that it’s not only the Wedding day itself but the experience, the engagement and the journey to the Wedding day.
While many would rather hired help to avoid some of the potential stresses of wedding planning and preparations I think we all owe it to ourselves to sit back and really think about the meaning of this engagement and really enjoy this incredibly exciting new stage of the relationship.
I believe that the engagement itself is worth celebrating, not only through an engagement party but why not capture that time of your life as a couple.

Some say you will only ever be a Bride for one day.. This is often true but as a couple you will only ever be engaged once, in some cases for only months actually. I really wanted to celebrate this and decided to develop The Babushka Ballerina Photography. Born with the desire to style and shoot happily engaged couples it won’t be long before we will be capturing our favourite couples on their special day.

The Babushka Ballerina is very excited to embrace a new team member, my close friend and brilliant photographer Lana Ivanova has become The Babushka Ballerina’s first in house photographer. With a background in fashion photography, education in New York and St Petersburg, Lana has an incredible eye for detail and impeccable editing skills. Quality is key with all photo shoots fully styled, edited and will capture the essence of your relationship.
When a memory gradually fades a photograph will not. 
Enjoy your love, enjoy your engagement and capture the moment.

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