Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Label Love: Two Birds Bridesmaids

Born and raised in Manhattan, Ariane Goldman (Finkel) attended the Dalton School and received her BA at the University of Michigan Business School. After nearly eight years with American Express in Marketing and Sponsorship, Ariane decided to leave the corporate world and start her own business.

Frustrated with spending too much money on bridesmaid dresses she never wore again, Ariane set out to find a solution to the widespread debacle: how to enable your closest girlfriends to look and feel beautiful at your wedding while maintaining consistency and elegance for the pictures that will last forever.In early 2007, Ariane was married in Jamaica and her bridesmaids wore the multi-functional dresses. Guests were enamored and her bridesmaids loved their dresses so much, Ariane knew that she had found a solution to the ever-challenging problem.twobirds was founded on the premise that being a bridesmaid doesnʼt have to mean forgoing style, and that a bridesmaid can not   only be happy for the bride on her special day, but happy that she looks so fabulous!!

The Two Birds Brand is the first of its kind to offer that ultimate bridesmaids dress and has graced the pages of International magazines, Vogue, Oprah, Cosmopolitan, People Magazine and had live time presentations on world renowned television programs, The Martha Stuart Show, Good Morning America, and a little closer to home Today Tonight. 

Need we say more than thank Ariane Goldman herself for her incredibly innovative design and answer to all of our worries.   
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