Saturday, March 15, 2014


With two stores and a third on the way the TBB design room/office has become the hub of our company. The head office is a place of creativity but also a little chaos, so we like to keep everything organised. Clean white and black desks are decorated with minimalist decor, antique bits & bobs and Macintosh computers! Yes we are MAC girls!

DIY inspirational pin boards with pretty little tassels are the perfect place for newly developed embellishments and trims and offer a neutral focal point to our white walls. 

All of our collections are designed and developed in office, buying, research, blogging, web management and of course our addictive Pintrest are some of the daily duties, which are made better with the day to day presence of our designers Persian cats Bambi & Gigi.

 As a visual company everything has attention to detail.. sometimes beyond what is practical as you will find many of our production folders have FLOAT tassels attached or hand cut glitter love hearts. Our only excuse is that we love 'Pretty Little Things' and if life is short than why not enjoy them every day.
We have some exciting DIY projects coming soon!

Happy Sunday Ladies xx TBB

(photographs by Rhiahn Ramke Photography)

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