Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Ultimate Girls Guide to Formal Part Two: Accesso-wise

Thursday is here again, which means one thing... you are one step closer to sorting your dream look! Last week was picking the dress (if you missed out, click here for a reminder), so this week we're going to look at accessories. Arguably as important as the dress, choice of accessories can totally make or break an outfit. Luckily, we're here to guide you and ensure that your Cinderella moment is nothing less than perfect. Read on for the hottest tips and tricks when it comes to completing your look...

Try these beautiful Samantha Wills Teardrop Studs for a flashy yet classic look.
Tip 1. Clashing vs Flashing
Okay, so the very first thing that we should cover is exactly what kind of look you're going to go for... Are you thinking flashy and classic with rhinestones/pearls/gems etc? Or perhaps you're more clashy, and want to create a fun overall look with competing colours to add intrigue? Both look stunning and can be rocked in a variety of venues, but what- more often than not- determines which theme you'll eventually wear is often the style and colour of dress you've picked.

Colour blocking is a particularly fun way of playing with the clashing trend, especially when your dress is all one colour... much like our collection of Two Birds gowns. In 15 different colours, the opportunities are endless! Another way to rock it is by pairing a stark white gown with a few key pops of colour, like we've done above with Anna Campbell's Shimmer Wrap Maxi.


Tip 2. Hitting that perfect balance
Now the trick to looking 100% together for your big night is to remember that the dress should really be the focal point, and that the accessories selected should ENHANCE your look... not determine it. It's not an occasion for a go hard or go home attitude. If you've got a big statement necklace, go for a simple stud and subtle ring to complete your look. Similarly, a chandelier earring is best paired with a bare neck and perhaps a glamourous cuff (Anna Campbell's current cuffs are a beautiful offset to a dramatic earring).
Tip 3. The absolutely essential accessory every girl needs to wear
No outfit is complete without a healthy dose of confidence and sass, so be sure not to leave the house without yours ;)
Much love Babushka girls! See you in store for all your formal needs xox.

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