Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Ultimate Girls Guide to Formal Season Part 1: The Dress

It's perhaps the biggest and most exciting night in any girls schooling life. Think beautiful gowns, perfectly tousled locks and the occasional corsage thrown in for good measure. That's right girls, I'm talking about all things formal. The one night of the school year that you get to have your own personal cinderella moment. But where to start? Glam or girly? Subtle or sexy? The decisions can be ridiculously overwhelming, so the team at Babushka have compiled a little guide to ensure that your star shines bright on your most magical of nights...

Maria Lucia Hohan Margot Gown in Red
1: The Dress
Perhaps one of the biggest decisions in your completed look is the perfect dress- difficult to find but totally breathtaking when you do find your sartorial match. Again, there's as many beautiful designs as there is beautiful formal princesses, so picking the ideal piece is as individual a process as your own personal style.
On of the biggest trends this season is old school glamour. Off the shoulder gowns, strapless necklines and rich berry tones will rule this season. A great rule of thumb in nailing the look is to focus on simple shapes and luxurious fabrics- just like the stunning Maria Lucia Margot Gown pictured above in Burgundy. This gives you that timeless and totally luxe look that- lets face it- will never go out of style.
Anna Campbell Shimmer Wrap Maxi with Tulle Overlay
Perhaps the second biggest trend to emerge from this season's runways in terms of formal and evening wear is the prevalence of white in terms of colour- yes that's is going from one extreme to the other in their colour palettes. Bridal gowns are a great way of achieving this look, and if the gown is appropriately accessorised (**steer clear of silver or pearls as this can be a little too close to traditional bridal**), it can be a fresh and unique look that will ensure that you stand out from the crowd! To make this a little fun, try a pop of colour somewhere in your look. Think bright pink lips (shown above with the Anna Campbell Shimmer Wrap Maxi with Tulle) or a fun shoe to add a little quirky cuteness to your look.
So there you have it ladies.... a quick update on new season formal trends, just in time for formal season! Keep checking back every Thursday for new installments to The Untlimate Girls Guide to Formal!

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