Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Location of Love

As hard as we may try to deny it, every girl has a dream wedding destination. You know what I'm talking about- that fantasy setting you've always imagined for the single most memorable day of your life. Be it the beach, the country or an elaborately designed church, no two are exactly the same.
We in Brisbane are blessed to be surrounded by little slices of wedding-venue paradise, with the surrounding beaches and natural spectacles proving to be perfect backdrops for the multitude of vows exchanged here each year. But with so many perfect palces to choose from, where does one start the hunt for her dream destination? TBB has compiled a list of our very favourite local spots scattered across the surrounding area for a little Monday inspiration.... so put down the paperwork and start day dreaming as we take you through our top three local wedding venues.
1. Deux Belettes
A little taste of France hidden a short drive from Byron Bay, Deux Belettes is- put quite simply- magnifique. The 16th Century style French chateau oozes romances in every detail, from the pebbled pathways and stone walls to the roses blooming in every direction. Ceramic cherubs adorne the many secret spots at this truly unique venue, complete with two suites available to completely ensconce the bridal and buck parties in French heaven.
2. Maleny Manor
There's a reason why Maleny Manor is the most awarded wedding venue in Queensland. Located high atop the Blackall Ranges on the Sunshine Coast, this beautiful location offers sweeping views of the stunning coastal landscape whilst still maintaining that beautifully quaint country feel.
An external spiral staircase leads from a luxurious bridal suite to the outdoor verandah, creating an elegant yet unique way for a bride to make her entrance. From there, the happy couple can choose from a stunning selection of on location ceremony and reception areas. Worked up an appeitite from all the vows and guest meet and greets? Never fear, because the onsite kitchen led by award winning chefs will take care of those groaning bellies with a mouthwatering selection of foods.
Feeling a little shy? Maleny Manor also caters to elopements, so if big shin digs aren't really your thing this could be the place for your intimate vows!

3. Flaxton Gardens
Also situated in picturesque Maleny, Flaxton Gardens is truly a sight to beheld. The warm, cozily inviting vibe makes it the ideal venue for brides looking to inject a little intimacy and relaxed class into precedings. Imagine the ultimate in cozy winter weddings dripping in understated elegance, and you'll begin to have an idea of the vibe at Flaxton Gardens.
Wine coloured decor filter throughout the entire venue, continuing this luxe country feel. Another highlight- the actual vineyard and 'wine room' available for hire. 
Also known for it's exquisite food- believe me, this is from first hand experience- Flaxton is truly an escape from day to day life and offers a totally different way of celebrating true love on the Sunshine Coast.
Final note: Flaxton Gardens os near impossible to beat when it comes to the view. Drink in the entire Sunshine Coast coastline from this stunning location.


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