Monday, November 5, 2012

Colour Me Beautiful

The true beauty of the modern bride is that her personality will- without fail- emanate through every minute detail of her wedding. Be it a unique location, personalised decals filling the room or even a meaningful playlist, no wedding is unique and is a direct reflection of the lucky two in love.

Anne Hathaway's gown as designed by Valentino

One of the most interesting ways in which the less traditional of the bridal set are expressing themselves is through their choice of gown. Or- more specifically- through the colour that they choose for their gown. That's right- gone are the days of brides cloaked in white. More and more are choosing to say their vows in gowns of colour- be it pink, red, cream or even black for those who choose to ignore ancient superstitions entirely.

Above and below: Vera Wang Spring Bridal 2013

The inkling that such a trend would work its way into the mainstream came with Vera Wang's highly anticipated Spring 2013 runway showing. There was hardly a scrap of white fabric in sight, as models flounced down the runway in deep reds and wines. Pop culture has also been affected, with Jessica Biel bucking the all-white trend in favour of a romantic pink for her recent Italian nuptials to beau Justin Timberlake. This follows Anne Hathaway and Reese Witherspoon opting for a little pink to modernise their gowns.

Twigs & Honey Pale Pink Flowered Wreath
A coloured gown just a touch too much? Never fear, as with everything, there is ways to incorporate a little pop into your bridal look. Maybe an Anna Campbell gown in a Sunshine or Champagne hue is to your taste? Or you could even try a little pastel peeping out courtesy of our Badgley Mischka range of shoes?


The most important thing we can learn from this trend? Have fun with your look and don't be afraid to take a risk with colour- be it big or small!

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