Friday, November 16, 2012

Love Blossoms

There's something so special about flowers. The way in which they blossom from nothing to grow into something beautiful seems the perfect complement to the institution of marriage. Perhaps that's why the bouquet is such a central component to the entire look of a wedding. It acts as both a visual focal point and a symbolic representation of the love between bride and groom.
But where to begin? Floral arrangements are as varied and individual as the brides themselves, making it difficult to decide exactly which blooms you will end up with as you walk down the aisle. One of the chicest options for your bouquet is the peony- fresh yet timeless, modern yet classic. Fast becoming the flower of choice for the discerning bride looking for a point of difference, peonies are as versatile as they are eye-catching and can be adapted to suit the look of almost any bridal party.

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