Sunday, November 11, 2012

Say I Do to Veils

So you've got the dream dress. Shoes are purchased and anxiously awaiting the big day. The next thing on the pre-wedding to do list? Accessorising, of course! The biggest factor that divides brides when polishing their looks- to veil, or not to veil? It is without a doubt one of those things that you either love or hate, but here at Babushka, we are unashamedly Team Veil!

Whilst perceived to be a very classic accessory often written off by the modern bride, a new wave of chic designers have recreated the traditional piece and breathed new life into what used to be regarded as a tired tradition. American label Twigs & Honey have some stunning pieces at the moment that have literally just arrived in store. Delicate handmade flowers and tiny pearls embellish a lot of their pieces, making for a refreshingly feminine look.

Above- Twigs & Honey's exquisitely detailed and delicately feminine veiled offerings.

Babushka favourite Anna Campbell has also created a dramatic and stunning full length single layer tulle veil with embellished clip, one of our very favourites for the bride looking to make a statement. Her birdcage designs are also right on trend, making for a fresh and totally modern take.

Anna Campbell's dramatic pieces, including the full length single layer tulle veil (above) and the modern birdcage (below).

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