Thursday, November 29, 2012

Barely There (Underwear)

Possibly one of my very favourite things about bridal fashion is that, no matter what the lucky lady chooses to wear on her big day, she will look impossibly beautiful in it. I think it may be something about the little cloud of love that she will be floating on, but there is a certain glow and beauty about every bride on her big day.
My least favourite thing about bridal wear? How difficult it is to find the right underwear to pair with your look. It must be invisible, yet still sexy. Functional, but comfortable. And don't even get me started on bra's for strapless gowns. Possibly the most awful invention in the universe, strapless bra's under wedding gowns will never cease to irritate.
So today I thought I would reveal a few tips to ensure that you aren't fidgeting in your Spanx throughout your big day...
Commandment 1. Thou shall think very carefully about your bra.
Every girl in the universe will tell you how irritating it can be when you're stuck in a bra that is either ill-fitting or just plain uncomfortable all day. This is never more true than on your wedding day, so bra choice is something to be considered very carefully. Forgoing a strapless bra (sorry, I just really hate them!) in favour of a bustier or corset gets rid of the whole adjusting dilemma, saving you time and frustration on your big day.
Commandment 2. Thou shall bring selected underwear to the final fitting.
Imagine it's the morning of the ceremony. Everything is going perfectly... until one of your bridesmaids notices that you have a very visible underwear line showing through your dress. Easiest way to avoid an awkward situation like this? Bring your underwear to the final fitting. Crisis averted!

Commandment 3. Thou shall invest in fashion tape.
No explanation needed... double sided fashion tape is an absolute bridal godsend.
So there you have it! Follow these simple steps in order to ensure that you're feeling your absolute best on the big day- both inside and out.

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