Monday, November 19, 2012

Picture Perfect

One of the biggest things we tell brides is that they will be looking at their wedding pictures for the rest of their lives, so dress choice should not simply be based on passing trend. The same rule goes for the photos themselves- they will quite possibly become one of your most cherished set of portraits ever taken, so it is vital to pick a photographer who shares the same vision as you for your wedding shots.
No longer is wedding photography a standard point and shoot practice. Craft, style and technique are all integral in ensuring that you will be as in love with your photos as you are on your wedding day. The problem that many of our brides have is finiding this perfect match between event and photographer. The good news? Brisbane is a cultural melting pot of talented photographers, all remarkably individual whilst still keeping that romance alive in your snaps. Our top picks? Scroll on down for two of our very favourite local photographers and examples of their exquisite work.
Jonas Peterson

Feather and STONE


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